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Stem Cell Therapy

With the institution's advocacy of perfecting health and beauty through the advancement of science and technology, STEM CELL THERAPY has been the center's best choice for a holistic anti-aging and disease-preventing treatment.

Californian Bloom - Stem Cell Theraphy

Patients are given two choices:

    Live Cell Therapy

    Where patients undergo a 30 day Oral Therapy of 40 generations of Sheep Stem Cell.

Live Cell Therapy Injecttables

  • Ultimate Holistic Anti-Aging Sc Protocol
  • Holistic Anti-Aging Sc Protocol
    -Revitalization (Hr) Range Sc Protocol
    -Female Hormonal (Hp) Sc Protocol
  • Skin Rejuvenating Stemcell Protocol
  • Diabetic Stemcell Protocol
  • Cancer Stemcell Protocol
  • Male Organ Revitalizing Stemcell Protocol
  • Slimming Stemcell Protocol
  • Autologous Stem Cell

    Where fat cells are being harvested from the patient's tummy, 3hr-processing for stem cell's replication and infused back through Intravenous route.
    • ALS Stem Cell Treatment
    • Alzheimer's Stem Cell Treatment
    • Autism Stem Cell Treatment
    • Breast Augmentation Stem Cell Treatment
    • Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment
    • Cosmetic Rejuvenation Stem Cell Treatment
    • Degenerative Disc Stem Cell Treatment
    • Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment
    • Epstein-Barr Stem Cell Treatment
    • Erectile Dysfunct. Stem Cell Treatment
    • FaceLift Stem Cell Treatment
    • Glaucoma Stem Cell Treatment
    • Hair Transplant Stem Cell Treatment
    • Hearing Loss Stem Cell Treatment
    • Heart Disease
    • HuNTINGTONS Disease

    Being in the verge of the future, STEM CELLS made it possible to lengthen the quality years of our lives for our families and for ourselves as well.

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