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The Californian Bloom Aesthetic Institute & Medical Spa was conceptualized in 2007 by Dr. Rosary May B. Canay-Diaz DPAAMI, DPAPSHPI as a center aimed to prevent aging or any debilitating diseases in an institution which provides health and wellness in each treatment in a placid, calming and sterile environment.

The concept was institutionalized in 2009 and was inaugurated in the same year. The institute then became a clinical and cosmetic dermatology and surgical center that offers a wide variety of medical and surgical services to promote health and well-being of a person- reflecting their inner beauty. It is a fusion of medical ingenuity and a holistic approach through induction of dermatologic, slimming, laser, cosmetic surgery and medical spa services. Clients are seen as patients whose health is the primary concern of the institution. Patients are perceived and treated as a whole, not only focusing on the physical aspect but as well as the general inner, healthy, well being of the person. Relaxing spa services are provided while being treated with dermatologic, slimming or laser treatments, which are supervised personally by our Medical & Aesthetic Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon for the satisfaction of each of their patients' need providing calmness and restful hours from a very busy life.

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